Trico and other Products

TRICO® Opto-Matic Constant Level Oilers

TRICO® Opto-Matic Oilers provide an inexpensive way to automatically maintain oil at a constant level in a pump bearing housing, gearbox or other lubrication application.  The Opto-Matic oiler is the industry standard.

One-piece glass or high strength ribbed plastic reservoir ensures oil will be at a constant and proper level. Compared to competitive models, there is no possibility of air leakage that would cause over fill of the bearing housing.

Here’s why the Opto-Matic Oiler is the best choice:

  • Adjustable level setting allows use in many applications
  • Multiple air vent slots provide for proper function at all times
  • Large surge chamber helps prevent overflow of oil during machine start-up or shut-down.
  • Side and bottom connections for simplified installation.

Other TRICO products we carry:

  • Opto-Matic Closed System Oilers
  • Watchdog Oilers
  • Watchdog Desiccant Breathers
  • Watchdog Oil Dryers

Spectrum Oil Dispensers

The Spectrum Oil Container series is an excellent way to keep lubricants free from dirt, dust, water and other material that can damage machines.

With color-coded lids, it’s easy to identify and store lubricants safely. It also assures that the correct lube is used on the right machine or oil point.

Standout Features:

  • Easy to transport with durable carry handle
  • Twist nozzles to open and close
  • Easy pouring with front and back handles
  • No thumb strain with easy twist open/close breather vent and no no thumb strain with hands-free control
  • Semi-transparent with English and metric markings
  • Color coded caps makes it easy to identify the lubricant in the container
  • Small footprint takes up less storage space
  • You get extra stability with the square design


  • P-80 Rubber Lubricant – 4oz., pints, quarts and gallon sizes available
  • Snap Rings – Mild and Stainless steel in popular sizes
  • Pressure and Float Switches – common pressure ranges for well and irrigation control.
  • New Shafts

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