Product and Service Warranty

Materials/goods are warranted only under the conditions and to the extent that they are warranted by their respective manufacturer(s), whose warranties will be furnished and assigned to the Purchaser on request. Seal Distributors Inc. will not be liable for any breach of such warranty. For those items partially or totally manufactured by others and incorporated into our system(s) for resale, we pass along the manufacturer’s warranties in total, but do not offer any additional warranties, nor certify that they meet the intent of any request.

Seal Distributors warrants that the material and workmanship of our products will provide satisfactory service only if the Buyer has selected the correct materials and the User makes a proper installation. As it is beyond our means to assure the correct selection of material or correct installation, we assume no responsibility for any failure or damage after our product has been put into service.

Any of our products found to be defective prior to being used will be replaced at no charge or, at our option, the purchase price, including transportation charges will be refunded. This shall be our maximum liability. In no event will Seal Distributors, Inc. be liable for the cost of labor resulting from a claim of breach of warranty. The sale of Seal Distributor, Inc. products under any other warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, is not authorized by Seal Distributors, Inc.

Any technical advice, recommendations or referrals rendered by Seal Distributors, Inc. are gratis. Seal Distributors, Inc. assumes no liability for results obtained or damages incurred from their use by the Buyer, in whole or in part.

Any claim of breach of warranty must first be made by written notice. Such notification must be received within 90 days of the delivery of the material / service to the Buyer. Seal Distributors, Inc. must be given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the material/goods alleged to be defective, as well as the installation and use thereof. Warranty determination must be mutually determined.

In no event will Seal Distributors, Inc. be liable for consequential, incidental, general, alleged negligence, special, direct, indirect, legal theory, loss of use, loss of performance, loss of operations, loss of profit, or any other damages with respect to any materials/goods supplied or work performed by us.

Indemnification/Hold Harmless is not accepted by Seal Distributors. This in no way diminishes the rights of either party. It is simply our corporate policy to rely on our extensive warranty outlined above.

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