Terms of Sale

Quotations are developed based on information provided by the customer. In some cases samples, drawings and/or exact dimensional data may be required to specify the correct replacement item. If quotations are based on a serial number and/or model number then Seal Distributors Inc. will not be responsible for incorrect products sold if modifications have been done to the equipment identified. It is the Buyer’s responsibility for ordering proper product to meet local, state and federal code regulations.

Quotations may be revised if, during reconditioning, it is discovered that component parts are not reconditionable.

Quoted prices do not include any applicable taxes or transportation charges. The cost of incoming freight for Special Items will be added to all invoices.

Seal Distributors, Inc. will not be bound by any terms or conditions on Buyer’s order which are different from or in addition to these terms and conditions unless specifically accepted in writing by Seal Distributors, Inc.

Standard payment terms are Net 30 days from the date of our invoice unless otherwise specified in our quotation document.

We reserve the right to charge one and one-half percent (1-1/2%) of a past due balance per month on any invoice. If it becomes necessary for us to enter legal action to recover any past due balance, the Buyer agrees to pay all of our court costs, legal expenses and reasonable attorney’s fees in connection therewith. These remedies are not in lieu of any other remedy provided by applicable law.

Shipping date estimates are based on all known current conditions and information from the producer. We will not be liable or responsible for any delays caused by late shipment to us or by strikes, accidents, negligence of carriers or any other matters beyond our control, including the weather.  (Force Majeure).

Materials / goods may not be returned without prior authorization from us. Returns must be requested not later than 90 days following the shipment of the product. After 180 days goods may not be returned. Returned items will be subject to a MINIMUM 15% restocking fee plus any freight charges involved. Additional fees may apply. Products which have become obsolete by reason of design change or items discontinued for any reason may not be returned for credit. Certain Special Order items may NOT be returned.

Samples provided are not usually returned. If you require your sample to be returned then please advise us when your order is submitted. Unless such instructions are received, sample(s) sent in for identification will be disposed of 30 days after they are received.

Items sent in for evaluation for repair will be retained for 90 days following our written quotation for repair service. Any items, materials or equipment left with us for more than 90 days with no instruction to repair or return will be disposed of at our discretion.

Items sent in for evaluation and/or repair must be free of hazardous, toxic or harmful substances. This is necessary to guarantee the health and welfare of our employees. We reserve the right to return an un-serviced, contaminated item to the customer.

Seal Distributors, Inc. will arrange for delivery of goods to the Buyer via the carrier of our choice. Unless otherwise agreed to by the Buyer and Seal Distributors, Inc., the cost of shipping shall be prepaid and charged back to the Buyer. A small packaging and handling charge will apply to all orders processed. Title to manufactured goods and risk of loss remain with Seal Distributors, Inc. until those goods are delivered. Seal Distributors Inc.’s liability for damage or loss of reconditioned items shall not exceed the invoice price for the work performed.

Buyer must inspect all materials / goods for damage or shortage at the time of delivery. Discovery of damage or shortage must be given in writing to the carrier at the time of delivery. Seal Distributors, Inc. must be notified of such claim within 5 working days of the delivery date. Claims for loss or  damage of product during transit will be filed by Seal Distributors, Inc.

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